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Bring local insights into your application

Give your users the power of human-collected data.

Programmatically create surveys

Set the number of entries required

Define areas of interest

Satellite Imagery

Go beyond the pixels. Whether your training a machine learning algorithm or your users are identifying objects or hyperspectral trends, tasking locals to go there can verify, augment, or help prioritize remote observations.

Use the Native API to enable automated or semi-automated local tasking for groundtruthing, receiving results back into your platform as they’re delivered, on-demand.

Social Media

When new events happen, send locals to verify and augment your visibility, on-demand.

Let’s assume hundreds of people start tweeting about an event in the middle of the day. Your platform detects the volume, velocity, location, and content of the tweets and classifies it as a protest. Place button on your UI to ‘groundtruth it’, pass us the event type and coordinates, and we’ll get someone there.

Business Intelligence

Investigate the truth behind the numbers.

Enable your users to answer questions that arise from their data by sourcing new inputs, on-demand. Task collectors to check supply chains, conduct store audits, or verify anything they might need to know about their business or competition right from your interface. If sending a person there can solve it, we’ll have them covered.

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