Conflict and Stability Assessments

    Aid And Development

Third Party Monitoring

Some of the most important life-saving work happens in the highest-risk places in the world. Native delivers robust geolocated, time-series third-party monitoring (TPM) capabilities that ensure the effective and rapid delivery of your programs on the ground, whatever their location.


Verify Assets & Projects

Visibility even where you can’t go.

Support Economic Opportunity

Enable locals to earn when times are tight.

Safety Is A Priority

Reduce movement to ensure personnel safety.

Conflict Assessments

Understanding the drivers of conflict, the dynamics surrounding countering violent extremism (CVE) programs, and harnessing the ability to track indicators of stability in fragile environments are critical to the success of development and humanitarian initiatives alike. Native delivers hyperlocal, community-level data to support these programs at scale.


Track Shifting Dynamics

Monitor lines of control and changing patterns.

Monitor Service Delivery

Track the delivery of critical services under stress.

Understand Local Perceptions

Flash survey managed hyperlocally.

Route & Evacuation Planning

Delivery of time-sensitive humanitarian assistance and the evacuation of local staff, both require detailed, actionable insights down to the street corner level. Native seamlessly connects these programs directly with a network of local communities, placing real-time insights into the palm of your hand.


Identify Safe Routes

Track where is safe to go before you need it.

Verify Infrastructure

Map critical infrastructure in situ.

See Checkpoints & Closures

Identify closures that impede movement.


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