Pricing and Promotions

    Asset Management

Retail Selling Price

Native's local collectors deliver price checks for any SKU as required.

Track movement in retail prices for brands and competitors in store across any market, at any time.


Attuned to Emerging Markets

EMs have unique data challenges, Native's platform is built to address them.

Monitor Across Regions

Consistent data across markets, in one view.

See Inflationary Impacts

Macros factors can have a real impact on pricing, rapid turnaround gives you a lens.

Consumer Promotion

Monitor any type of offer enticing shoppers to purchase a product whether a price promotion, bonus pack or any other promotion type.

Store-level data, rather than panel-driven, provides visibility on unique products as they emerge through key traditional channels.


Limitless Reach

Visibility into any type of promo at store groupings you select, without panel restraints.

Cross-Market Tracking

Track macro trends in promotional movements across your markets.

See Dynamic Changes, Fast

Rapid turnaround helps you see movements in promos with enough time to take action.


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