Rapid Polling

    Asset Management

Face-To-Face Surveys, On Demand

Capture the atmosphere and gauge people's views in a seamless, affordable, and efficient way, anywhere in the world.

You type the questions, local collectors deliver the interviews. Choose locations with the general demographic respondent profiles that you desire.


Fast Turnaround for Any Topic

Quick 'on the street' interviews with extremely fast turnaround times.

Unconstrained Global Reach

Task reliable data collection in even the most cost-prohibitive locations.

Face to Face Confidence

100% of interviews are conducted in person, face to face, with robust validation.

News Reporting Delivered, On Demand

Leverage Native's global footprint and network of locals to deliver proprietary news feeds on any topic imaginable, anywhere you need.

Enjoy access to your very own global stringer network that delivers unique content on demand.


Hyperlocal Insights, Global Data Pool

Tap into Native's massive network to target specific locations for detailed insight across multiple places.

Your Own Proprietary News Feed

Leverage the growing gig economy for robust local reports on events and perceptions.

Photos, Videos, Recordings and More

Task locals to gather footage and recordings of important events and products.


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