Remote Sensing

    Asset Management

Validate and Augment Remote Sensing

Go beyond the pixels. Whether you are training a machine learning algorithm or your users are identifying objects or hyperspectral trends, tasking locals to go there can verify, augment, or help prioritize remote observations


Higher recency than anything

Low latency visibility on places precisely to your specifications.

Event Based Validation

Local event based detection helps to tip and cue other sources of data.

Durability, Not Just Footfall

Learn why consumers visit retail, not just how many.

Validate Crop Classifications

Train machine learning models to better detect crop types amidst regional and seasonal variation, or identify early indications of disruptions to yield.


Better Predict Yield

With more precision on the type and status of crop growth, comes more precise predictions.

Identify Weather Impacts On Growth

Native delivers ground truth to link weather data to impact at farm level.

Early Warning For Disease Outbreak

Spot check key farms for presence of diseases that may impact future delivery.


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