Consumer Goods

Planogram Compliance

Enable your sales operations with store-level metrics to ensure effective brand presence through store compliance to planograms and presentation.

Measure the last mile of sales execution with independent and reliable data feeds, directly from your store.


Independent, Reliable Numbers

Have confidence in what’s working through third-party verification of compliance.

Unburden Your Sales Team

Let your sales team focus on sales; we'll cover the metrics to help drive their success

Weekly Compliance Trends

Track how compliance shifts over time

Point of Sale Material Compliance

Seize the last moments of impulse by ensuring your brand's consistent presence at the point of sale. This moment is crucial for key buyer decisions; know that they're seeing exactly what you want at the moment it matters most.

Native's network of locals delivers photo-verified accounts across all stores you select, anywhere.


Unrestrained Global Reach

Track down POS display compliance anywhere you need it.

Rapid Data Turnaround

Data returned in time for you to take corrective action.

View of the Consumer

See POS materials exactly as a consumer would.

Facing or Shelf-Space Utilization

Ensure effective execution in the 'buying moment' by verifying the right number of your products are placed in the right order and in the right place.

Native's collectors deliver an inventory of facings and shelf-space utilization reports at store level and across your market on demand.


Attuned to Emerging Markets

EMs present their own data challenges, Native's platform is well adjusted to account for the unconventional and unpredictable.

Get An Independent View

Understand facings and placement through a trusted third-party voice

Free Up Your Team

Let sales teams do sales, we'll cover the data to track how these factors impact them


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