Product Offering

    Consumer Goods

Track Product Availability

Native's collectors confirm which SKUs are available by store each week, enabling you to see how stocking execution and distribution challenges could impact future sales at store and market-wide levels.

Tasks can also be used to track competitor availability in new or high-growth markets that inform market entry.


Get Store Drilldowns

Receive weekly automated reports to flag any store that's underperforming.

See Across All of Your Markets

Track macro trends across thousands of markets to see where underperformance is greatest.

Track Your Competition

Monitor how your competitor share may be impacted by availability in stores.

Understand Product Lifecycle

Product freshness is critical to sales execution. Perishables need to be sold at an optimal time, consistently, to maximize the consumer experience. Getting this wrong can be devastating to your bottom line.

Native helps you monitor product life cycles in store to ensure products are available at just the right time, every time.


Consistent Monitoring

Support your salesforce with weekly reliable visibility

Fast Turnaround

Get feedback on freshness with enough time to act

Consumer Perspective

See exactly what your consumer sees in store.


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