Store Presence

    Consumer Goods

Brand Signage
In Store

Your consumer will make a buy decision within 4 minutes of entering the store. Ensure your brand is well represented when that decision is made.

Native's on-demand service enables you to task locals in bursts and on an ongoing basis to ensure store signage is placed correctly to drive sales.


Unrestrained Global Reach

Track down POS display compliance anywhere you need it.

Let Your Salesmen Sell

Let your sales team focus on sales, we'll cover the metrics to help drive their success.

Inside & Outside Coverage

Validate signage both outside of stores as well as inside, wherever you need it.

Display Type

Perform flash audits on display types for your brand to confirm compliance, or track new competitor display initiatives that might impact future sales.

Native's on-demand network of locals will provide high fidelity visibility on compliance and insight into new trends from the moment they're in store.


Rich Competitor Insight

See what moves your competitors are making to drive new growth in your market.

Trendspotting For New Display Types

Use Native's network to monitor new trends in display types that could inform your own strategy.

Bursts of Local Insight, On Demand

Task local data collection concurrent with the rollout of new flavors, products, or marketing pushes.


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