Persistent Domain Awareness For Any Mission.

Trusted by special operations and some of the leading risk management providers in the world, Native links insights at the frontline of your operations to strategic priorities anywhere, in any language, in real time.

Stop using outdated methods for monitoring your area of responsibility, collaborating with partners, and maintaining unit knowledge across deployments. Native delivers domain persistent domain awareness usable by everyone under your command.


In situ data collection (and collection through partners) has never been easier. Capture data in even the most austere of environments online or offline. Even bend technology to the realities of partner capacity. Data can be collected through mobile, paper, sms, or other means as the mission requires, in real time.


Forget calling in the specialists to craft maps and generate reports every time you need to understand how the environment has shifted. With Native domain awareness is fast, actionable, and as dynamic as the tech in your civilian life. Generate dashboards of your AOR easily and map how these dynamics shift as the humane and built environment change.


Right at the moment when dynamics of the operating environment change, you need to know about it. With Native anyone across your chain of command can be notified. Risk thresholds for IED attacks in a neighborhood increase or humanitarian aid delivery is blocked by new checkpoints, you need to know about it. Through Native these changes can trigger SMS and email alerts that keep you informed. For slow burn changes, weekly executive briefs can be triggered that provide you, your team, and your partners visibility on the situations of concern when, how, and where you need them.


Actionable insights are not just for lone decision makers. Native enables the warfighter to share designated data to members of his unit, up the chain of command, and across partners easily in any language. Before, during, and after deployment having this data in formats and systems that are usable by all enables persistence in domain awareness so critical to the success of complex operations.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more about how the system could be deployed in secure government hosting environments.

  • Civil Affairs and HADR Missions

    Native enables military, private volunteer organizations (PVOs), and host nation partners to prepare for and respond to fast moving Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response (HADR) missions by linking multiple collection technologies directly to decision makers swiftly and in a streamlined fashion.

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  • MISO Operations

    Influence requires the ability to measure, adapt, and improve swiftly and through local context. Native delivers a unified platform for capturing data about a population’s biases and preferences, identify and track a campaign, and develop concrete Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs) by location and in real time.

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  • Peacekeeping and Stab Ops

    Monitoring the dynamics of a fluid conflict can be a non-trivial challenge. Native enables units to more effectively capture, share, and monitor across partners hyperlocal information about highly fluid environments. Insights are actionable in a language and format usable by decision makers when and where it is needed.

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  • Handoff Capability

    Native enables lower capacity partners to continue data-driven operations across mission sets and offers a leave-behind capability for use by host nation, interagency, and NGO partners after a deployment is complete.

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Tear Sheet

With Native, your organization can:

  • Reduce time/pain/cost of dealing with GIS and data teams to make decisions
  • Deliver real-time analytics for rapid course-correction
  • Streamline project & portfolio reporting across donors
  • Organically scale & build organizational learning by region or theme
  • Target assistance where need and impact potential align
  • Build local capacity for data-driven decision making

* Disclaimer: Don’t worry, your geeks will love us. Using Native across your organization means they can focus on hard problems they were actually trained for, not “but I need this map in red” work.

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