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Named 1 of the Top 6 “Startups You Should Know About” by Devex, Native has been used across the international development spectrum from USAID to the World Bank, Global Program on Forced Displacement, Mercy Corps, Interpeace, and Global Communities just to name a few. Join them to enable your enterprise to get smarter through data driven analytics too.

Stop using chewing gum and fishing wire ICT4D solutions that make you look smart. Leverage business intelligence so your organization actually will be.


Use the technologies that make sense to where you’re working. If paper makes more sense than iPhones… then use paper. You choose, we streamline.


Why are you waiting days for the GIS team to get you a map of your projects? Why hire a ICT consultant to use chewing gum and fishing wire to tie ODK Collect together with some dodgy visualization tool?

Native links data that you collect to easy-to-use maps for spatial analysis and interactive dashboards across datasets. You can even place weights on your variables and develop indices that help show where you’re having the impact you intend.


Decision makers don’t have time to play with cool tech tools. They want insights and fast. Native lets you receive automated Executive Briefs emailed to each member of your team in a format, language, and time they specify. And that’s just for regular reporting. You can even setup notifications so if something goes off the rails, you know it as soon as it happens.


First Mile isn’t just about a project. Once data is coming in across projects, regional and thematic teams will have a rich and rapidly growing evidence base against which success can be benchmarked. Everyone from project managers to leadership can access and leverage these insights --creating corporate knowledge and off the shelf capabilities organically.

Specific Use Cases within the Industry

  • Project Implementation

    Track progress on each project, both drilling down to the specific location a school was built or humanitarian assistance was provided, then zoom out to keep tabs across the entire portfolio in a country or region easily. By leveraging the Native tool you can streamline reporting to donors and start building genuine institutional knowledge across the enterprise.

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  • Monitoring & Evaluation

    Run surveys, compare with project outcomes, and determine impact in one place. It can be done concurrent with implementation or after the fact. But seeing it all in one place for comparison has never been easier.

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  • Capacity Building

    Enabling local institutions to make smarter data driven decisions begins with bending technology to the realities of the human capital and technical capabilities available to them. Native simplifies this process by removing the need for deep specialist expertise to manage the full cycle from data collection to mapping and visualization.

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  • Humanitarian Response

    Native has been successfully deployed in some of the highest risk parts of the world amid ongoing crises including Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Honduras, and Nigeria among others. Conducting in-situ or needs assessments, conflict diagnostics, population surveys, and resilience tests have never been easier.

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  • Global Health

    Systematic health surveys as well as trend detection can be brought into the hands of decision makers swiftly by linking data collection via SMS, mobile, or even low-capacity clinic-level pen and paper records, directly into a real-time alerting system that scales. The science of delivery is here.

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Tear Sheet

  • Reduce time/pain/cost of dealing with GIS and data teams to make decisions*
  • Deliver real-time analytics for rapid course-correction
  • Streamline project & portfolio reporting across donors
  • Organically scale & build organizational learning by region or theme
  • Target assistance where need and impact potential align
  • Build local capacity for data-driven decision making

* Disclaimer: Don’t worry, your geeks will love us. Using Native across your organization means they can focus on hard problems they were actually trained for, not “but I need this map in red” work.

Others in your sector are beginning to leverage data. Care to join them?

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