Market Research

Stop kludging together disparate tools every time you want to capture data about your consumers or market. Native enables your business to capture data about your market and visualize it swiftly across languages and locations. No techies needed.


Collecting data is easy and can fold to whatever your use case might be. Want to use mobiles and tablets to capture in-store data about product displays or run surveys of your consumers via SMS and web? Or perhaps you might prefer to pull sales data in through our API so that you can compare sales and distribution with demand? Or maybe you want to run internal polls of your clients through existing enterprise applications and pull that data in for comparative analysis? Native adopts an ecosystem approach that enables your business to structure and collect the data it requires using the technology that makes sense to your use case.


As data comes in you’re able to generate maps, real-time dashboards, and cross-tabulations right at your fingertips. Want to compare sales figures by county? No problem. Our Map Explorer, Dashboards, and Weighted Index features let your team visualize and manipulate the data as they need. No tech team or GIS unit needed. You can even export visuals into images and video files so it’s briefable easily.


Understand your market as soon as the data is available, in real-time and across your team. Want to receive an executive brief every monday morning at 9AM? Not a problem. On top of the real-time dashboards, Native lets you setup SMS and email alerts triggered when key events happen. Stay informed as the market shifts without the hassle.


Let your entire team collect, visualize, and share data across the enterprise. Tag datasets by topic, create teams, and even add new users by simply typing in their email address. Getting people across your organization on the same tool is easy, no matter where they are or what their role within the organization might be. Use this capability to begin building true corporate knowledge around your operations.

  • Consumer Insights

    Understanding your customer begins with capturing their preferences, attitudes, and pain points easily. Native links data collection through the medium most appropriate to your consumers directly to dashboards and analytics that scale across your organization.

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  • Economic Monitoring & Market Entry

    Create consumer price indices (CPIs), deal flow analysis, or market monitoring trends that help your business stay on top of more opaque or hyperlocal markets like never before. Data can be capture, weighted, compared, and watched easily.

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  • Supply Chain Analysis

    Collect and monitor geolocated data on products and physical footprint that enable your business to visualize and understand key elements of your supply chain and retail presence.

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  • Gray & Black Market Analysis

    Track the availability of counterfeit goods or unlicensed sales of your business products in markets of key concern. Drill-down to specific stores with geolocated images and data about each and aggregate resulting data up into trend analysis.

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Tear Sheet

With Native, your organization can:

  • Reduce time/pain/cost of dealing with GIS and data teams to make decisions
  • Prioritize risks by type and location across your facilities or operations
  • Monitor physical asset vulnerabilities
  • Track risks in your market, including counterfeit products & unauthorized distribution

* Disclaimer: Don’t worry, your geeks will love us. Using Native across your organization means they can focus on hard problems they were actually trained for, not “but I need this map in red” work.

Others in your sector are beginning to leverage data. Care to join them?

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