Exit Polling

    Opinion Polling

Political Exit Polls

Where local laws permit, Native's on-demand network of data collectors may be tasked to conduct surveys of voters just as they depart the polling station.

In emerging markets, where electoral processes may be especially opaque and time consuming, users can leverage a vast fleet of local talent to get an quick and early read on the outcomes.


Completely Transparent

With Native, there is no black box on how or by whom data is collected.

Real Time Visibility on Election Day

Capture real time views of voters as they leave polls, anywhere local laws permit.

Complete Flexibility On Any Topic

Place your finger on the pulse of emerging voter trends as an election unfolds.

Consumer Exit Interviews

Get a feel for exactly what consumers think about your retail experience, brand presence, or event by tasking spot surveys in a public space as they leave.

Exit interviews provide a fresh, in-the-moment read on brand health, reactions to new product marketing, and consumer experience.


In the Moment Consumer Sentiment

Get a read on your consumers right after the 'buying moment' to optimize your message and experience.

Measure Show & Event Experience

Survey your audience as they depart from a show or event to assess exactly how the experience resonated.

Unrestrained and Fast

Capture a snapshot of consumer sentiment anywhere, anytime, when and where you need it.


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