Persistent Visibility on Risks to Teams & Operations. The Intelligent Way

Trusted by special operations and some of the leading corporate risk management providers in the world, Native links insights at the frontline of your operations to strategic priorities anywhere, in any language, in real time.

Stop snapshotting Google and throwing it into powerpoint. Develop priorities and monitor key risks across the enterprise easily --and without the geek squad.


Link site assessments captured by mobile with SIGACTs pulled by location to provide visibility across supply chains, facilities, and personnel. Use our API to link to third party datasets to provide additional operational insights.


Forget the GIS team. Data once captured is pulled directly into easy-to-manipulate maps and dashboards in any language. Toggle basemaps to increase visibility over places of concern --or even pull in high resolution UAV drone imagery for high resolution and recency to your place of interest.


Schedule an Executive Brief to be emailed to you every Monday morning at 9AM with the latest on risks to your company pulled directly from field managers. Set up email or SMS alerts as soon as factors underlying a set of risks that you’re tracking begin to change so you and your team know about it as soon as the data is available. Smart tracking lets you lean into risk confidently.


Real-time or near-real-time visibility over key risks is possible, not only at the facility level but across regions. By linking security detachments across locations to one system, everyone from country teams to regional and global risk managers are able to monitor key risks to the business at any level of interest. Elevate pure security data to true risk intelligence.

  • Site Security

    With Native you can assess and monitor threats to your facilities globally, prioritize which risks are of greatest concern at any given time, and create regularized reporting across your enterprise risk teams around the world. Even fly UAVs over a given facility or operating area to compare data visibility over the facility.

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  • Personnel Safety

    Keeping your staff safe and secure in higher risk markets can be a non-trivial challenge. By linking indicators of risk to the areas where your local and foreign staff reside enables you to monitor how a changing security environment may impact operations in concrete terms and indicate where protective measures might prove most effective.

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  • Black & Gray Markets

    Is your business concerned about the sale and distribution of counterfeit goods or distribution of products in unauthorized markets? Pairing Native with our partners in data collection can provide high fidelity insights as to what is being sold where, including the ability to drill down to specific stores and images of those products in situ.

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  • Environmental & Social Risks

    Map, measure, and monitor how environment and social factors may have an impact on your operations and how your operations will in turn impact the places where you work. With Native Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) can transform from static evaluations into a richer, dynamic picture of risks all in one place.

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Tear Sheet

With Native, your organization can:

  • Reduce time/pain/cost of dealing with GIS and data teams to make decisions
  • Prioritize risks by type and location across your facilities or operations
  • Monitor physical asset vulnerabilities
  • Track risks in your market, including counterfeit products & unauthorized distribution

* Disclaimer: Don’t worry, your geeks will love us. Using Native across your organization means they can focus on hard problems they were actually trained for, not “but I need this map in red” work.

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