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We're changing the way market research is tasked, collected, and delivered on demand. Have a peek, we think you'll like it.


Write Questions You Need Answered...No Middlemen.

What you type is what your collectors see

Write, edit, or amend your questions easily at any time.

Ask collectors to capture photos or interviews

Data collectors can interview respondents or observe and record as if you were there.

Advanced features like skip logic

Include conditional logic and audio directions within your survey

Task Locals To Anywhere You Need Them To Go.

Upload addresses or drop a pin.

Don't hesitate to task locals to thousands of places in a dozen countries...simultaneously. We've got you covered.

Set your sample size for each location.

Choose how many respondents you want or how many visits you need to the same place.

Add instruction, if you're particular.

Provide notes and guidelines for nuances they need to be sure to follow.

Monitor Delivery In Real Time.

See who's working on your stuff

Track as new collectors compete and deliver on your tasks

Monitor status of verification

Every single entry is verified by our platform. See how it's coming along.

Know when your data's in hand

You'll see the moment all data you've requested has been collected, verified, and delivered.

Map Out Results.

Easy to use, interactive maps

Filter or color code every store, market, field, or interview delivered

Drilldown as far as it goes

See exactly who collected every single question, for every entry, down to the second.

Track spatial trends

Aggregate your data up to see by market, region, or country.

Analyze The Results Through Interactive Dashboards.

Trendlines by default

Track trends in key metrics over time.

Toggle between languages

Analyze local results from all over the world in your language.

Crosstabs by click

Generate comparisons of questions with dropdowns.


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